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Inefficient processes frustrate me, a lot. I get agitated when I see people struggling to do their jobs because so many things are getting in their way. For many the modern workplace is broken.

Many years ago, I was there myself with digital teams I was leading in the police, a complex and demanding organisation. We were completely overloaded, juggling too many things, wading through bureaucracy, afraid to admit we couldn’t take on any more work, and fundamentally failing to deliver value in a reasonable timeframe.

We had lost the trust of the organisation; of our colleagues and we were just completely burnt out. Things had to change.

The insights and techniques I share in my workshops and coaching are what helped us turn things around. The team became heroes, known for delivery of high value with a transformational impact for customers and colleagues alike and went on to win numerous international awards.

I have now dedicated my career to helping thousands of other people do the same. Delivering impact to their customers and colleagues whilst having fun doing so.

I help them achieve this by what sharing what I call “doing less whilst delivering more” – helping people do a lot less of what doesn’t matter at work and much more of what does.

Media bio

Scott is an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, coach, speaker, and podcast host. He provides coaching and training for leaders and teams under the banner of “Do Less Deliver More” – helping people do a lot less of what doesn’t matter at work, and much more of what does.

Prior to this, he led digital teams within policing for over 20 years and achieved international recognition for transformational citizen and employee services. Many of these were world firsts.

After bringing true agility into policing, he was repeatedly asked to help leaders from other teams and organisations, as well as share his insights at conferences as far away as Australia, Russia, and Copenhagen. This inspired him to want to help thousands of people from unnecessary suffering at work and help them unlock their true potential through his workshops and coaching.

He is also the founder of Digital Rebels, a company specialising in digital services primarily for the public sector.

Outside of work for fun, he runs a large online car community, plays the drums, and spends as much time with his family as possible.

Find Scott online at:

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If teams aren't delivering measurable value and outcomes on a frequent basis, that's not good for them and it's not good for their customers. I help fix that.

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