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I am a UK based international keynote speaker. I have spoken as far away as Australia, Russia, and Copenhagen. I am also often invited to be a guest on webinars and podcasts.

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Keynote: Do Less, Deliver More

How to do a lot less of what doesn’t matter at work, and much more of what does

Over 89% of employees said they are spinning too many plates. 79% have no time to measure the outcomes of their work and 52% said they are tasked with work they don't agree with.

Employees are burnt out, frustrated, and struggling to find the time to do what they are employed to do. The modern workplace is fundamentally broken for too many people.

In this inspirational keynote, Scott shares how leaders can lead busy and overloaded teams through organisational chaos. How to find true agility, a focus on what really matters and fundamentally: Do Less, and Deliver More.

The keynote includes

  • The four key principles that can make leaders and their teams unstoppable

  • Scott's leadership journey from chaotic to award winning

  • How to optimise how work is allocated and prioritised and bring order to what can feel like chaos

  • How to maximise the time you have to actually do what you are employed to do - meetings and emails are talking about work not doing it!

  • Optional interactive elements for the audience to participate in

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Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Keynote: Why everyone hates your intranet and what to do about it

In this in-demand global keynote, Scott will take attendees on an educational and humorous journey through the rollout of a multi-award-winning collaborative intranet.

You'll learn the common mistakes that are made during an intranet's life cycle from initial conception through to roll out and ongoing support.

You'll learn about the approach you need to take to maximise the chances of successful adoption from users as well as delivering successful outcomes for your workforce, organisation and external customers.

The keynote includes

  • How you can use agile principles for product and content rollout to reduce risk and delight users

  • How to identify and prioritise top tasks for a complex, ever-changing organisation

  • Content governance tips and tricks including the secrets of managing push and pull content

  • How to maintain a high-quality intranet for years after it has launched

  • How to get out of project-based thinking and into product-based thinking, a key element for ongoing success

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Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Rate: £2,895

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