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Do Less Deliver More – Essentials

A one-day workshop. Learn how teams can deliver more value and impact at work whilst reducing risk of burnout, address demand overload and minimise wasted effort.

Learn the secrets to top team performance

In this one-day essentials workshop, teams learn about the "Do Less Deliver More" method and how it can transform how they think about work, Upon completion they will understand how to spend more time delivering more of what matters and reduce wasted time and effort spent on what doesn't.


In today's workplace many leaders and teams are struggling.  There are too many things competing for their attention. There are too many priorities to juggle. The way modern work is prioritised, allocated and measured is fundamentally broken.   This results in poor performance, overload and disengagement.

This one-day workshop will help you understand how high performing teams ensure they are always working on high value delivery and avoiding wasting time.  It brings together the latest insights for high performance as well as the methods used successfully by companies such as Google and Amazon.  This is blended with over two decades of real-world experience of successful demand reduction, leadership experience, negotiation skills and more.

Key benefits

  • Discover the four key principles that can make leaders and their teams unstoppable and award winning.
  • Learn how to optimise how work is allocated and prioritised and bring order to what can feel like chaos
  • Maximise the time you have to do what you are employed to do - meetings and emails are talking about work not doing it!
  • Leverage technology to your advantage to reduce workload, cognitive load and reduce stress.
1 Day 6.5 hours (plus breaks)
In person at your chosen venue
Maximum of 12
Who will benefit
Any busy team, especially Communications, Marketing, HR and Digital Teams.
£650 per person (Maximum of 12)

Workshop outline

The workshop runs one day and is broken into three parts.

Part One - Mindset

  • Know your enemy: Understand the challenges facing you and your fellow “knowledge workers”
  • Learn the four key principles for true team agility giving you strategic, tactical, and operational advantages
  • Learn the modern leadership behaviours needed build a team’s resilience and unlock the highest levels of performance in a world of continual change, near-endless opportunity, and complexity
  • Learn new stakeholder and management negotiation tactics

Part Two - Method

  • Learn how to build a process to organise and optimise team workflow
  • Understand how to capture all potential work in a consistent and easy to understand way
  • Learn how to re-frame work to be user-centric and evidence-based
  • Learn how to become experts at prioritisation of the highest value work
  • Learn how to break down complex projects into achievable tasks

Part Three - Mastery

  • Discover how to find calm in your inbox instead of chaos
  • Learn how to have more effective meetings
  • Learn how to take back control of your time and focus
Scott is a formidable evangelist for a better way of working that can help many trapped in a negative demand cycle that fails to deliver for colleagues or customers.
2022 Course Attendee - Senior Operational Communications Manager

In addition, you get

100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied

One 30 minute follow up session

10% Discount off one of my other workshops if booked within 12 months from completion of this one

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